by monkeymagic

v for vintage

Some new alloy for the old school rides. RAYS Engineering will produce a vintage series of their legendary TE37 wheel, the TE37V. Specially made for all you old Datsun, Toyota,… lovers. Available in 4×114 and low offsets only giving you a real nice dish. The wheel is forged monoblock and will rougly cost 550$ per wheel. They will be introduced on 2010th tokyo auto salon (TAS) and sales start by the end of April.

PCD: 4×114.3
15×6.5 offset +13
15 × 7.5J offset +6
15 × 8J offset 0
15 × 8.5J offset -5
15 × 9J offset -15
15 × 9.5J offset -20
Lip sizes: 56mm (S-rim), 82mm (L-rim), 94mm (LL-rim)

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