by monkeymagic

trackday review

Let’s just do a little review of the last trackday before the winter came. For me it was the first trackday since my car accident involving several weeks in a wheelchair,…
More importantly it was also my first trackday with the hachi, but hey, I’ve bought and build the car for this purpose!
After hearing echoes of crowded tracks, regardless drivers and so on, we simply decided to organize our own trackday. We chose “chambley”, a track created on an old US military base in france. It was just finished in 2009 and is quite technical. Biggest advantage of that sort of tracks is that cars from 150 to 500 horsepower can easily run together without too much trouble! Track is 3.3km (2.2mls) long an 12m large, has a few up and downs and is not your usual grand-prix high-speed track.

Track was wet, it rained several times in the afternoon but we had lots of fun. It was a grip event, so no excessive drifting, but you simply can’t drive a hachi without going sideways in the wet!

Had some wow moments on the speeds the full slick equipped Evo6 drove. 4WD helped quite a lot!

We were only few japanese cars: 2xAE86, Mazda 323 turbo, Lancer Evo 6, S2000.




The rest of the grid was pretty Euro crowded: M3, RS4, Ariel Atom, Caterhams, Mk1 Golfs,…


Thanks again to Tom Jungbluth for taking the pics, be sure to visit his blog:

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