meet henry

When I first saw this car on the internet I thought, hey great Silvia, you don’t see S12’s that much nowadays. Since then every time I saw a pic of it (JCCS, japanesenostalgiccar, s-chassis, blogs) it really started to grow on me. I think it’s just one of the finest S12 examples, and maybe the coolest non-flared S12 that I know.

As the S12 isn’t well known to the whole aftermarket industry lots of parts were swapped from an S13. These kind of work isn’t always straight plug&play, so much effort went into this ride.

Car has got lots of suspension love. S13 pbm coilovers, S13 front spindles, A1 tierods, S12 lca with S13 ball joints ; some brake love by using Q45 calipers, redrilled rotors, s13 lines. The silvia rocks a combination of nice dishy Longchamps XR4 and Work Equip wheels. Both 9inch wide with some 205/50 tires.


After Henry broke the original CA18et he got down to buisness and fitted a KA24de. According to his posts on, this was a pretty time-consuming operation.


 Be sure to check his blog and leave him some nice comments !



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