croatia’s finest

Today I have to motivate myself. My own project is a bit slow at the moment. Bought the wrong cams, waiting for crucial pieces and must have the engine finished and back in the car in less than 4 weeks!

So I have to post an AE86 today. It’s from Europe. It came a long way to the finished product. And now it’s “form follows function” and “slide in style”. I quite like it. So, meet Gjuro and his 3-door Levin Zenki 20V.

Car came from this

to this:

and ended pretty much like this:



Oh, and like stated before, this car skids:


And here are the specs:

Engine: 2000 4A-GE 20V, Straight through exhaust by SOLE

Brakes : Mintex racing braking pads, 1144 compound front and rear
Front: Paradise racing coilover kit with 8kg/mm QA1 springs, Koni Sport yellow AE86 adjustables front, T3 camber plates, Roll Center Adjusters 30mm, custom 30mm wheel spacer, new prothane bushings
Rear: Koni Sport yellow AE86 adjustables in the rear, 6kg/mm spring, custom 20 mm wheel spacer, new prothane bushings
Wheels: 15″x7.5ET0 Konig Bbombs, 15″x7J Toyota OEM, 15″x7J RH, 14″x7J Nissan OEM, 14″x6J Toyota OEM, Toyo T1R 195/50/15, Dunlop M3 185/65/14 Winter tires
Interior: Stripped interior, Heigo 6 point roll-cage, Sparco Evo II bucket, Toora 4 point harness, Toora steering wheel, 75mm Steering Hub Extension PR, 50 mm Steering Hub Extension Sparco, K-Sport hydraulic parking brake


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