mad about KE70’s

At the moment I’m just mad about KE/TE/AE 70’s. Why mad? Because I want one!








  1. Please stop posting these ke70’s…lol

    your making me want onetoo. I’ve owned six of these in my life
    and I miss owning one. I used to buy these for less than $1000.
    Now If you can find one in good shape you will probably spend more than
    $3000 around here (PA,USA) for one. Very fun cars to own. My first car was
    an ’81 2dr which I got for free. Before this JDM craze these cars were hot
    items in my neighborhood and everyone one would cut there springs and
    rock some 13″ baby supras as we called them. Ah yes 13×7 with bf goodrich
    radial TA’s white lettering on the sidewalls. We would also put in like 4 10″ woofers along the rear deck. Here in the US ours came as TE71 since ours had the t series engine (3-tc) we would mod the carburetor or replace it with a weber. Man those were the days.

    here’s a wagon I saw the other day with baby supras for sale… for $4000!!

  2. Ive wanted one of these cars badly, but i live in canada so id have to import one from south africa or australia. So im currently trying to find out how i can do that.

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