no zipties for this ae86

I’m not a big fan of hardparkers, just because I think that it isn’t the purpose a car was built for. But sometimes, these really awesome rides just stoke me. So I just had to post this AE86 from the states:

This car is pretty much perfect, rocks so many goodies and has seen lots of love. If it was mine, I would park it in my living room!


Pics are from  be sure to check them out! Great site and even better pics!!!



  1. Too clean 😦 I don’t mind he park parker cars, but some times I just wish they put those parts to real use.

    As for purpose built… If the car was built to be hard parked, then I think it is being used for its purpose. but that’s just me 🙂

  2. ROFL, I can’t disagree. I’d be trying to slide it every chance I get. I’d love to hear those ITB’s scream while kicking it sideways. Then if I happen to smash up the front. I’d get a Levin front end lol

  3. i hate the molded in side skirts but other than that it looks nice. i guess if it was built to be hard parked then whatever but i still don’t like how the molded in side skirts look. also, this car is for sale locally for 18K!!!! LOL

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