by monkeymagic

i hate tow cars

So, I’ve rented a tow car to get my car to the dyno securely. And you know how all this ended?

The most hilarious pic I’ll ever get of my Hachi!

BTW, it was after dynoing. The hachi did a fine job and reached a pretty awesome result!

11 thoughts on “i hate tow cars”

  1. Hahaha, tow truck died so a tow truck towed your tow truck?

    Yo dawg, I herd you liked tow trucks so I put a tow truck on your tow truck so you can tow truck while you tow truck.

  2. wow 150! that’s good! one of my friends dyno’ed their hachi and it came out to a whopping…. 56 horsepower! hahahahaha.

    this picture is priceless!

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