jdm garage australia

JDM Garage is a small company located in Brisbane Australia. They mainly supply high quality new and used parts for performance Japanese cars.

So enough advertising, I wanted to show you 2 cars the’ve built. Both purple, both stunning, both on Nissan engines.

Brett’s AE86 sits on Longchamps XR4’s, they were custom made to attain a width of 9.5″ !!! Under the hood the SR20det is fed by a HKS turbine. The engine is equipped with Sard 850cc injectors, HKS 256/264 cams, Tomei gears and rocker stoppers, Greddy intercooler,… All that stuff is managed my an Apexi Power FC.



 The second JDM Garage car is a R34 GTS 2 door. It rolls on nicely polished and flush sitting Work Equips.

Engine wise it rocks an RB25det with a Greddy T67 turbine, PWR intercooler, … Some other goodies are a Cusco roll cage, custom leather Bride’s, Nismo diff and JIC suspension.



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