trackday update

trackday was …

pretty shitty. Bottom end of my 20V engine passed away. Didn’t even arrive @ the track.

Since I rebuilt the engine I covered 1000 miles. And now I got faulty rod/main bearings again, I think crank hasn’t survived either



  1. I don’t know you but I am sorry to hear that ! It’s always a pitty when you destroy an engine, furthermore when the season begins and you miss some track days because of that.
    Hope you can fix the whole thing fast !

  2. Thanks everyone.
    Rod bearings on 2nd cylinder are almost completely gone, this caused the crankshaft and the rod to be a bit eaten. All this parts won’t be able to make it again. Block itself could need some boring and honing too.
    No money to build another 20V right now, might go back to the roots and go 16V on the next setup. Cheaper parts and lots easier to find

  3. Sorry to hear that.
    If you need a 16V engine, I got 3 around.
    If you need anything else let me know, maybe I can source a cheap 20V for you in Japan.

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