the show must go on

So after killing 2 AE111 20V bottom ends in my AE86, and after pulling the engine out of the car 4 times in only 2000km I decided to stop the 20V experience and go back to the roots. Since I have never built and run any 4AGE 16V I won’t say that they are more reliable,… but at least they are easy to find and way cheaper to get than the 20V’s

Till now I sold almost all my 20V goodies (I still have a 189hp cylinder head if anyone needs one) and got my self a nice 16V bluetop, large port, TVIS, EGR,… lump. Thanks again to Patrick K !

 I just can’t mount an engine without fiddling and messing around with it. So it started by disassembling it. After a quick layer of paint it looked like this :


Yes, right, there is something missing. I changed the rod bolts for some ARP one’s and matched the weight of the conrods and pistons. They are all now withing < 0.5gram from each other.

Let’s hope to have some more progress by the next weekend .


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