So, last friday was trackday time. As I wrecked my engine going to the last trackday, this was the first bends with the AE86 for this season. And what a great relief it was  to be able to be on the favourite playground again!

The day before I had a 500km trip to get the car dyno mapped and my ears were still bleeding, but once the helmet was on all the troubles, failures,… were just blown away!

There weren’t to much japanese cars on the grid and ist was a grip event. On line there was 1 AE86, 1 Skyline R32, 2 Nissan 350Z, 1 MX-5 NA and 1 Lexus IS250 (my fav car of the day, absolutely stunning daily!) For the rest there was the usual european stuff, Golf Rabbits, GTI’s R32’s, Ford Focus RS, Ariel Atom,…

 As we always rent the track for an afternoon we had no trouble with traffic on track or anything else. Grand total was about 26 cars.

Had to raise the car by an inch to be able to cut through the corners over the curbs without wrecking the tires on the body. Car was on its track wheels with Toyo 195/50 R1R tires

On track:



Pit area:




Enough, hope you enjoyed. And thanks to the photographer (Mr J aka Nuudel Bahn) for the pics




    1. Thanks slappy. It really felt like @home. It was such a joy to run circls in the hachi again. Shredded tires, smoking brakes and burning oil are way better than sitting in the garage repairing things

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