by monkeymagic


Found these pics of a rather boso oriented mark II on a forum thread. I would love to see some real boso cars once in my life. It would definitely be a “to do” on my list when visiting Japan.

Buddies and I discussed to visit Japan on our own a lot of times. Just buy some plane tickets to Tokyo, get a rental car and get a personal to do list checked. Man, that would be so awesome! But doesn’t knowing anybody in Japan nor speaking the language doesn’t help for sure. Here in Luxembourg we all speak english/french/german and some other languages wich would probably get us through Tokyo itself, but for the rest it would get quite interesting 😀

5 thoughts on “boso(ish)”

  1. ahhh i want to go to tokyo but the only japanese i know is “nihongo wakara nai” which means i don’t speak japanese. hahaha.

    we should set up a world(blog?)-wide japan meet up. that would be sooooo dooooooooooooooope!

  2. Yes, that’s quite an idea, so we would be lost in a group, what would make things funnier.
    I can see the headline already: “Worldwide bloggers set chaos in japanese train station” 🙂

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