by monkeymagic

crazy links

Isn’t it crazy how you end up on a persons homepage, blog,…

You google a term, a pic, a video or whatever, click a link, than an other read a cool comment on a blog post that makes you click its authors link and so on. And finally you’re at an austrian guys page and see a boso style mixed Honda Civic Sedan with his hood on the roof rack.

By looking at the details the number plate attracts my attention. These are vintage plates from Luxembourg, that’s rad. So I googled some more and the car even got the matching rear plate. So my guess is that this Cali / Boso mix was at least registered in Luxembourg some time. Might be nothing special to you US/Aussie guys, but it’s quite a find when you’re living in a 500’000 people country

6 thoughts on “crazy links”

  1. Researched a bit on that car, now belongs to some austrian guy. He also has a white VIP Styled Daihatsu Materia *lol* and an R33 Skyline for drift competitions. You might google him under or something like that

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