by monkeymagic

fia gt1

Most important statement first: we had an absolute blast!

Yesterday my mate Yves (aka Oridori aka nobandwagon blogger) and I were invited to the 5th FIA GT1 race in Spa Francorchamps in Belgium wich was held the same Weekend as the 24hour of Spa race. So we settled my Miata early in morning and of we went. We have got the instructions to head out to the welcome center to get our entry tickets. After we got our little envelope we were pretty stoked, our mate Claude who is one of two racing engineers at the Aston Martin young drivers team got us some Team Tickets!!!


This means access (almost) all areas! We were admitted everywhere the race staff could go: paddock, pits, grid,… That’s definitely a good start of the day. So we headed out for the track and searched for the Aston Martin pit. The standard of these GT1 teams is just beyond imagination, lots of professionals, sponsors and 1st class parts and cars everywhere. Here are the cars waiting to fullfill their duty:

Arriving early means empty pits and nobody to fight to get some proper pics. Guy in the first pic is Oridori BTW.

We were allowed to spy on every part of the car, got lots of technical information and were even allowed to get a seat.

Thanks again to Claude and the Aston Martin Young drivers team!

I’ll let you alone with a few pics of the day. Was a great day even the race didn’t go to well for the Aston Martin Team. And one final conclusion: GT1 Corvette GT4O and Nissan GTR just sound insane!!!!





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