by monkeymagic

:-O non car related post :-O

any photo geeks out there?

I need a new cam, want something to play around a bit and do some experiments. So not just a point and shoot thing. Right now I’m down to 2 choices, a Sony Nex-3 or a slightly used (1000 clicks) Nikon D60 from a workmate.

The D60 would include 18-55 and 70-300 lenses, 2nd batt, tripod, monopod,… The Nex-3 would be fresh out of the box. Hmmm what to get? Nex-3 would cost me approx. 240 more but would be new and would have 2 years of warranty, D60 is cheaper, has more equipment but is second-hand (I trust the guy who sells it) and has 1 year of warranty left.

8 thoughts on “:-O non car related post :-O”

  1. I would definitely go for the Nikon. The Sony is a cute little toy but nothing more. The Nikon on the other hand is a semi professional device which is a zillion times better even when it’s used. Go for the Nikon

    1. Steve is right. The Nikon makes better photos, you can buy a lot of lenses for it but it is a little bulky.
      The Sony is a super gadget, has the panorama function (very cool), soon a 3d shooting function, smile detection and also interchangeable lenses, but there is not much choice yet. The finish of the lenses are beautiful though, aluminum and nice details. If you would buy a Sony, I would go for a black one, because the silver one looks to plastic and cheap (which it isn’t).

      I would choose a DSLR, if you really wan’t to make beautiful photo’s and like to play around. It is a little bulky but with the lens on the sony is not that small either.

      If you like all the cool features of the sony, but a second small sony (DSC-TX9) or so.

      One for your in your pocket and one for really cool photography.

      Always fun to talk about buying new gadgets! Cheers!

  2. Nikon! No doubt about that one! 🙂
    The reason is quite clear and it still has warranty left. Besides that: they hardly break down. 😉

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