by monkeymagic

nice smurf for sale in the uk

Pretty stoked what only 2500£ can get you:

The car is completely rust and rot free which is very rare for MX5’s!!!!!!!

1995 Eunos Roadster 1.6 Manual
69238 Miles (115’000KM)
Air Con Working
EBC Dimpled and Grooved Discs and Pads
Fresh Generic Coilovers
Just Powder Coated 15×7 ET13 Wheels
195/50/15 Yoko Parada II’s
Arches cleaned, polished, primed, siliconed then rolled so perfect
GV Front Lip
HardDog Ace Single Diaganol Bar (This will protect you unlike most gay “roll” bars)
Nardi Deepcorn Rep
Removable Steering Boss
New Gear Gaitor to match Wheel
Trust Shift Knob
Front and rear under braces
Cabring Tow hooks front and rear
Stainless Decat
Carbon Stalk Mirrors

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