by monkeymagic

rocky’s hako

Hakosuka by Rocky Auto! Somebody wanna buy my Hachi? I need to go to Japan to buy a car 🙂

The only thing to change would be some nice carbs on the RB25DE engine. Car itself is a 1971 navy blue GTR, 5 speed tranny, nice sets of Wats, power steering, upgraded brakes,…


Dial (+81) 0564-58-7080 to buy this GTR 🙂

2 thoughts on “rocky’s hako”

  1. I’m sorry to shatter your dream: that’s not a GTR… It is a GTR lookalike, buildup from a KGC10 chassis with a “mere” L20E (hence the 2000GT). Also if you look closely you can see the aircon controls on the dash. The GTR even lacked a heater so an aircon would definitely be out of the question!

    Nevertheless I would certainly sell anything to own such a car! Especially if it features an aircon! 😀

  2. Yeah, you might be right. Just read a GT-R line on the homepage where the car was advertised, but as my japanese is pretty poor I couldn’t understand much. So I didn’t paid enough attention to the details in the pics.

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