by monkeymagic


Great people Great cars Great everything! I really had a blast. Hachi performed perfect, did a few laps behind some S2k’s without loosing on them, so yeah, I’m pretty impressed of my little beast. Here some pics from the cars that where in on that day:

My Hachi

Yves (NoBandwagon see blogroll) R32 GTR

NuudelBahn’s S2k, finally running again.

Mich’s MX-5 NA

Alain’s 350Z

Paul’s Renault Megane RS

Patrick’s classic Mini

Christophe’s Peugeot 206 2.2l on crazy ITB’s!!!

Geoffrey’s Fiat Punto in rad black matte

David’s Cooper S GP, you gotta love that screaming supercharger

Dan’s newly purchased E46 M3

There were some more cars, but I don’t have any pit pics of them.

Some of the action shots, more will follow.




Even that the hachi performed great, I might consider selling it to start a new project for next year.

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