by monkeymagic

off, going to spain

So, I’ll take a little out time, gonna go on vacations to spain. Be sure to check back next week. For now I’ll let you with my hachi and a small spec list of it’s parts:

4AGE16V Bluetop
custom wiring loom
t3 ITB adapter for 16V 4AG
OEM gasket set
catcams 260°
redtop injectors
TRD 4AGE 0.8 headgasket
TODA valvesprings
T3 adjustable cam gears
Koyo radiator
Haltech E6X engine management
mapping by KWL
SP-Tec 30mm funnels
Pipercross airbox + Filter
T3 75mm funnels
Pipercross filter
TRD 4-1 header
T3 de-cat
T3+Simmons can
HKS silent hi power catback
new cambelt and tensioner
iridium spark plugs
blue silicone radiator hoses and new vacuum hoses
Innovate A/F Meter
ARP head bolts
ARP conrod bolts
fuel pressure regulator
SS plug cover plate
Magnecor HT plug leads
OEM main/rod bearings & stuff
Sandtler oil catch can

Fidanza flywheel
Exedy clutch kit
Cusco transmission mount
Cusco LSD
ARP flywheel bolts
4,3 CWP
Solid spacer and koyo bearings

Momo deep dish steering wheel
Short shifter
Oishi long shift knob
Wiechers rollcage
Bimarco bucket seats
Driftworks 3″ race harness
Very little hifi setup
Inside of cabin painted black
ProSport oil pressure gauge
ProSport oil temp gauge
Steering wheel snap off

Kouki front grill
Kouki corner lights
Oishi performance side skirts
Compomotive 8×15″ ET0 wheels
Toyo Proxess T1R 195/45-15
Koenig B.Bomb 7,5×15” ET0 wheels
Toyo Proxess R1R 195/50-15

Greddy Type S coilovers
Prothane bushings
Cusco strutbar
Cusco panhard bar
RX7 FC3S calipers and adapters
Landcruiser brake master cylinder
ATE slotted brake discs
HAWK HP plus brake pads
Goodrich braided brake lines
ATE Racing Blue brake fluid

I surely forgot some pieces 🙂

6 thoughts on “off, going to spain”

  1. Thanks for the comments guys. It’s kinda freaky when you write down a mod list of your car. You kinda realize the you’ve put way to much money in your car! But hey, that money also bought you so much fun,…

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