last trackday for 2010

So last friday we had our last trackday for this year. It was a blast, as always! Hachi did great, had lots of fun playing with Golf R32’s, Miatas,… on the track! I really start to enjoy its grippy suspension, in tight corners it eats most of the other cars for breakfast 😉

Still a bit down on power on the straits, or when trying to drift the S compounds through corners, but who cares.

Oh, the “unlucky award” of the day goes to … Porsche

+500hp GT2 died on the track spilling all it’s coolant on the tarmac after some 30 mins of driving! And I was reported that the GT3 had some problems after the trackday on it’s way home. I wouldn’t pay for spares and repairs on a Porsche $$$

So all I have to do now is a lot of work to get the car to pass MOT here in Luxembourg. This means, change to stock suspension, stock brakes and lot of other stuff. The biggest hurdle will be passing the exhaust gas testing. Might need to fiddle a lot with the Haltech to get the gasses lean enough. Maybe I’ll even have to swap the OEM cams back in the car :-/

After MOT it’s officially in winter mode. This means snow, ice, alty roads,…  But it also means getting as much work done as possible. Planned things for this winter are:

– Build a new engine with forged conrods, hicomp pistons, new oilpump, balanced crank,…

– Redo the complete underside of the car, including clean wheel wells, paint, …

– Get another exhaust system, I definitely need something quieter for the public streets

– Find somebody to cure my rear diff and get the 4.7 CWP mounted

– … I’ll surely find lots of other work to do.



  1. It’s for the ”contrôle technique” right? Why do you bother to turn everything back to stock? Got no TUV and stuff for the modified parts?

    Just asking out of intrest …

    btw the miata and the ae86 look sweeeeet 🙂

  2. ah alright 😉 thanks for the reply…
    and can’t U go to some TUV in Germany, get an ”Einzelabnahme” and pass the SNCT in Luxembourg? Or would that just be too much trouble and expenses?

    Just wondering, cause I got new coils and wheels but they came with TUV so I’m not sure at all how it works with the other parts…

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