by monkeymagic

japan does so many things the right way

even shipping! Ordered some parts in Japan last thursday, they arrived in 4 days! Why can’t european couriers deliver things that fast?

But there are other fast couriers too, ordered some new cams in New Zealand for the hachi last week. They will be delivered today. Thats’s New Zealand – USA – Paris – Luxembourg – my doorstep in less than a week. That’s roughly 20258km or 13985miles in 6 days!
It will even take me more time to get these things mounted!

1 thought on “japan does so many things the right way”

  1. In my experience the European (especially the Dutch) mail companies are just plain tortoises… I sent a lot of bosozoku coloringbooks around and it took two to three weeks to arrive in places like Australia and New Zealand and even four weeks to arrive in Japan. I paid “priority” post stamps for it and there is no such thing as “airmail” anymore. So guess how they get it top priority to the other side of the planet??

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