nissan r33 and lexus is

I never knew the Ukraine would rock that hard!!



  1. I think if a certain model (for example all Skylines) dont have certification paperwork (dont know the terms), you must do homologation tests. In slovakia it equals disassembling your car to the bits, without certainty of passing the test and putting your car togeather. All I know is that its nearly impossible in slovakia.
    Our silly country, you cant have a rollcage in registered car…

    1. Yeah, I heard things like converting Skylines to LHD by putting Silvia dashboards an firewalls and such to be able to register in some eastern european countries.
      Here in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium,… when you import a RHD car from the UK, there are no such problems. There’s a european law that says that a car that has been registered in 1 european country should be able to register in any other european country.

      1. Good for you. Its not like slovakia is not in EU, but nothing works here like it has to. If I imagine all RHD japanese classics registered in UK, it makes me want to move. Or better right to the source 😀

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