classic car?!

Here in Luxembourg/Europe we have to submit our cars every year to a technical inspection. They check the road worthiness of the car, safety items, exhaust gasses, lights,… … … the whole bunch. For me this means getting the car road legal. For every inspection I have to swap the Greddy coilovers for some OEM items, the Mazda FC brakes for some OEM ones, the 8×15 wheels and 195/45 tires for some rims and rubber that is more standard spec. Padding up the roll cage, fiddling with the Haltech ECU,… After all this tasks, my car looks as shitty as this:

So I went to the inspection last Friday and guess what, passed on first try 🙂 And the best part of it, because my AE86 is now 25 years old it’s now officially a classic car. This means inspection every 2 years only and a bit less restrictive inspectors! GREAT!!!

Since then it’s back in the garage on jacks and the engine should be out very soon. Once it’s out I’ll start the build of the 7AGE. So I will keep you updated.

Some other little things I did the last weeks:


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  1. Congrats on passing the test and welcome to the “classic owners club”! 🙂
    The OEM check sucks and I’ve heard they are much more strict in Belgium! 😦
    Here in Holland it means you don’t pay road taxes, but you have to do the test every year. Only when your car is 30 years old you get a check per two years.

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