dyno mapping: check

So, let’s update on my engine build. Tuesday was dyno mapping day. Alarm rang at 5:30 in the morning, started the TomTom and off we went. Destination KWL Motorsport in Leverkusen/Germany. The only good thing of leaving early are empty roads and gorgeous lighting!

After 3 hours of exhaust, ITB and differential noises I eventually arrived. Changed the rear tires, setup the car on the dyno, connected O2 sensors, laptops,…


KWL Motorsport is a kind of old school race prepping garage. They do a lot of old VWs, Kugelfischer injections,… So while letting the boss do his things to my fuel and ignition maps, I studied their race cars. Audi 50, VW Polo Derby and 2 Scriroccos


A few hours, coffees and chats later I changed the rear wheels again and drove home. What a difference! Engine runs great, way more torque than before,…


So, what everyone is waiting for, the results.

108kW / 147cv at the wheels
Min 85% of torque from 3500 to 7500 RPM
127kW / 173 CV at the flywheel.

 Here they are, compared to my previous engines, the 4AGE and the 20V I killed early 2010

Dyno mapping: check
Track testing: tomorrow!


  1. banpei · March 24, 2011

    Nice results! 🙂

    • monkeymagic86 · March 24, 2011

      Yeah, I’m really really happy with the results. I hope it won’t break down on the track tomorrow and that it’ll last many many km’s

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