1st trackday for two eleven

Last Friday we debuted the trackday season 2011. We packed our cars and went off around 11:00 AM to get to our usual track in France. I was really anxious about my new engine, I just don’t have faith in new engines, broke to much of them.

Arrived at the track, some people immediately started the BBQ while others like me were busy changing tires and prepping the car.

Some pit area shots:

My car of the day, Stocky’s Spoon S2000. It’s just unbelievable how that thing rockets around the track. He might be THE contestant to beat in our July’s Superlapbattle!

Some domestic euro trash:

Track action:

And my results of the day, funky worn tires and a gearbox that won’t go in 3rd anymore when I want to upshift. But the engine did really well, has lots of grunt and didn’t have a single problem the whole day.

Oh, BTW, the worn side was the outside of the front tires. Driving over 5° of camber and zero toe though!

More pix of my car:



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