by monkeymagic

back, got some work done

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. But my free time was really little these last days. Went 2 days to Amsterdam, visited a little AE meet in France on Saturday and returned to the Netherlands on Sunday to pick up another engine for my mates new AE86.

But I also got some work, got every sync ring and bearing of the T50 gearbox replaced, all new gaskets and a shifter rebuild kit. Swapped gearboxes, drives like a charm. I really like the feel of this “almost” new gearbox!


Oh, and my mate Tom got his self this beautiful hachi. It was equipped with a 98% finished GZE job. And guess what. We just tore the supercharger engine out to retrofit a nice 4AGE bluetop, complete with loom and everything. Hachi’s just have to be N/A !!! period

Just look forward to see some more about this hachi here in near future.

1 thought on “back, got some work done”

  1. fresh T50!! now that is something I am jealous of.
    nice to see another hachi join your team, you should do a car feature 🙂

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