rust’n roll celica

I could never rock a rat, but this celica is worth sharing




    1. Yeah,thank you!
      I often read your blog for a while and my surprise I discover my toyota!

      more inspired by you,…the rat’s (real rat’s),stancing,hotroding
      and my mad genie lol
      the aventures pursuit is here

      this pics on your blog is the first version..not very low at the rear and not largest
      today,the rear as more lowered,and offset working…the exhaust as changed

      et ce n’est pas fini!hahaha!!!!!
      next year…definitly lowest and largest!grrrr!!!!
      and I ‘m working on Bmw 320/6 in complete refection actually

      Benouz,and thanx for your sympathy

      1. Salut Benouz, content que ca te plaise de retrouver ta Celica sur mon petit blog!
        Keep up the good work, and send me some pictures when it’s finished. I’ll post them on my blog!

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