my new old car ’76 celica

I really didn’t wanted to tease you until I would actually have seen the car. But it’s just to tempting. I got myself a new project. A 1976 Toyota Celica GT TA23 with the 2TG engine. Found an ad for the car on the french internet, called the guy and he told me it was sold to a guy in switzerland and that it would leave in 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks I sent the seller another email to ask if it has left his garage already and the seller told me the swiss guy backed off the day he was supposed to collect it.
So I jumped right in, paid a deposit via paypal. At that time I hadn’t seen the car, and till now I still haven’t. Got everything arranged and will pick up the car on Saturday. A 1500km (1000miles) ride :-O with a trailer!
Car was restored during the last 4 years by a maniac. He didn’t finish it, so it’s me who has to finalize this Celica. So for now I will leave you with pics of the car before the restoration began.

And here is just a pic showing the maniac’s love for this project, rebuilt blower:

An NO, the Celica will not replace my Hachi, the AE86 will stay. This is gonna be my weekend cruiser 😉



  1. enjoy and have fun restoring the Dragon

    it’s no coincidence, whats the fuzz of having both AE86 and 1st generation celica? heck I don’t know the answer and the reason, but a lot of people have this both car in their garage, at least for me and some other friends in my place, I’m sure the rest of the world too

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