by monkeymagic

sva imports uk

We went to the UK for the 2nd in just 2 weeks 😉 last time we went to get an Evo 5 and this weekend it was an Evo 4. On the way back to the ferry we stopped by @ SVA to take a look at their cars.
They do have quite a large selection of jdm imports. Evos, Silvias, Surbarus, FDs, …

Here’s a quick pic of Mich, Nuudel, me and a small selection of their cars. The roadtrip itself was a blast, 2 days, 2 ferrys, lots of laughing and UK food isn’t that bad (except those crackling or what ever that was. The food on the ferry was pretty good actually, the Bulmers too 😉
More on our 2 new Evo beasts soon.

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