what goes on at the shelter

So instead of posting all these internet treasures it’s time to do a little update of the work that happened at our car shelter the last weeks. The work where I was involved to be more precise. You’re used to see more or less regular updates on my Evo V or on my AE86. But this winter I was involved in two more projects.

To begin with I did complete my first turbo conversion on my mate Eiwiss Miata NB. Turbo conversion consists of a Flyin Miata Vodoo Turbo Kit. FM claim that it’s plug and play! Well let’s see, sort of,… It was pretty straight forward but not as 100% as you would expect a kit in this price range to be. Piggyback has still to be tuned on the streets, but the engine fired right up and everything works as it should!

The other project on wich I spent my free time the last weeks/months is my mate Nuudel’s AE86. Little roku got quite an engine upgrade with Catcams, AE101 ITB’s,… and a standalone Haltech E6X ecu. Fabricating the wiring looms is always a PITA. But on Saturday it fired up on first try, idled pretty well, and after some warm up and checking for leaks it screamed like it should! This was definitely the best and easiest 1st start I ever had in my 4AGE and Haltech history!



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