bye bye miata

I sold my daily this weekend. So no more small little roadster fun for me :-/ This was a bit unexpected, but that’s life. It’s now a girls car. Rims are still in my garage as she didn’t liked them.

Right now, I do think I found my new daily already, let’s see how the outcome will be. Thought about buying a Bimmer or even worse, but I finally decided to stay with the japanese manufacturers. Here in western Europe there are just to much BMW/Audi/VW/… it’s boring!

Now you may all wave good-bye to my Miata.


  1. I’m excited to see what you end up with next, but it’s definitely a challenge to find a better ‘fun daily driver’ than a Miata.

    1. That will be quite impossible. But I have 2 “fun” cars, the AE86 and the evo. Evo is more clubsport and the AE86 pretty much a weekend race warrior. So I’ll need something more practical and a bit more comfy for the rest of the time

  2. I can’t wait to see what you move forward with for a daily driver, but it’s tough to top the Miata as a fun daily driver.

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