by monkeymagic

my ae in the news

Remember this:

My 86 is now part of a newspaper article about the new GT86. Biggest newspaper in my country 😀 Article is in german though.

5 thoughts on “my ae in the news”

  1. Hey! In your opinion, what do you think the best size rims is good for this car? I am debating whether 17 or 18 inch rims are good for the gt86/frs. And by the way, awesome pics and cars. I love the ae86. One of my all time Favorite. I agree even though expectations of the car might have been a bit too high, the gt86/frs is no doubt a great fun, reasonably priced sport car. It is love at first sight lol

      1. Hey! Thanks for the reply. I see them 18″ are fine. I am of course planning to lower it in the future, but was worried whether it is better with 18″ or the standard size 17″. The rims I might purchase is the works CR ultimate 18×9.5 I believe. Again each rims are different

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