by monkeymagic

RX7 AE86 brake setup

So I get asked quite often how I realised my front brake conversion on the AE86. So here are some details:

First of all you need someone who sells the caliper adapters. You can find some @ AJPS in Australia. As shipping would have killed me, I decided to search something mor local. I luckily found a guy in Austria who machined the at that time.

Then you need some nice, good working RX7 FC or FD caliper. They are all over ebay.

Then brake discs, you can either get some EG Civic discs (262x21mm) or get some Mini Cooper S (279x22mm) discs like me and re-drill them to the needed diameter. Following pic shows the Mini Copper disc next to a AE86 disc => yes it will improve your braking!


Here are all the needed parts for the next step


Put everything together and go testing if your wheels still fit. You’ll most probably need 15″ wheels.


If you got everything back together, fill up brake fluid, bleed,… Go take your car out for a spin. Realise your pedal feel is really awkward now. Return to the garage and do some internet research.
I quickly found out that this setup doesn’t work that great with the standard AE86 brake master cylinder. But Toyota is a bit like Lego, found some info about the Landcruiser brake master cylinder. It’s bigger in diameter, so it can handle more brake fluid when pressing the pedal.
Sourced that brake master cylinder, realised it costs a fortune @ Toyota (over 500 bucks). Sourced another one somewhere on the internet for a bit more than half that price, ordered, mounted (your brake lines need some slight rerouting, but no cutting or such, just bending). I was so happy with my new brake feel and performance now! Some pics of the brake master so you know what you are looking for (only if your AE86 is equipped with a 2 screw brake master like mine was)


If you want to re-establish a bit more front/rear brake balance, do some internet research and get yourself the most aggressive rear brake pads that you can find. It will work a charm. No need for upgraded rear calipers,…

Hope this helped a bit!

2 thoughts on “RX7 AE86 brake setup”

  1. Hi mate im from the UK London just giving you a shout out to say thats an amazing easy follow up read to upgrading the brakes to rx7 ones.

    Only problem i found with it is which brake lines did you use for this upgrade? Rx7 or dis you just stick to using the same ae86 ones?;

    Gona attempt this on my ta22 with ae86 front struts and hubs.


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