by monkeymagic

Project datto: I <3 this car

So, it’s back on its wheels, on the ground, washed,…
I managed to do 99.5% of the work I wanted to do over the winter and I’m really satisfied with the result of everything. Now all I need is better weather. Let the winter end!
winter end_edited-1

Oh and the work I did the last week to my floorboards. Quite the same procedure as the front wheel wells I did a few weeks ago. Spent 8 hours to get the underside of the floorboards, rails,… back to bare metal. Treated the metal and put on primer and special paint (Brantho Korrux). Hopefully they will last for another 20years now.

4 thoughts on “Project datto: I <3 this car”

  1. Hey Bob!
    Just read through all your Datsun blog posts! Joy to read! 🙂
    How exactly did you go about the Brantho Korrux treatment on the inside, wheel wells and under carriage?
    I have black Brantho Korrux 3 in 1 for my Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60 frame here, and you inspired me to maybe use it on my 240Z as well!
    – How did you remove the original undercoating/paint? CSD disk!?
    – what did you use to convert surface rust? Fertan?
    – did you use a separate primer, not Brantho Korrux directly on metal? Which one?
    – and the final one, how did you apply Brantho Korrux? Spray gun, brush or roller?
    Thank you so much for you answer! And kudos to the speed your working on your Z! I’m way way slower! And should update the blog soon again, was way too lazy to post in the last months again…
    All the best from Stuttgart/Germany!

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