Blackforest-trip 2020

Due to Covid our yearly roadtrip adventure was kind of canceled. There was a travel ban for Switzerland. As I still wanted to do a Datsun Roadtrip in 2020, I planned an alternative trip to the blackforest (Germany). In regards to Covid the trip was planned with only 1 hotel for the 5 days to restrict contacts, yadda yadda…

So my buddies Steve (240Z) and Paul (BMW) decided to leave on Aug 25th and be back home on Aug 29th. Destination and homebase was the Hotel Saigerhöh near Titisee-Neustadt.
We decided to take the scenic route and limit our time on the highways as they are really boring in vintage cars.

The drive was smooth without any hassles. We had quite good weather along the way. The hotel was nice, not to may guests and lots of local Gins to taste.

As I forgot to turn on the location marker for my photos, I’ll thro them in a gallery below. But let’s start with the maps of the 3 loops we drove.
Every morning we were greeted by the sun. Perfect to do the daily routine checks before leaving. Checking the oil, coolant, brake fluid levels, visual inspections of your nuts&bolts,…

On day 2 we did the southern part of the blackforest. In my opinion it was the coolest of our 3 day trips. Small roads, no traffic, lots of technical driving.

Day 3 was the short drive. As we wanted to have a few hours to visit Titisee, do some shopping, …

Day 4, the northern part of the blackforest. There were super nice (and smooth) roads on this daytrip, quite some scenic views and there would have been quite some cool landmarks to visit. Unfortunately we were completely rained out and reduced our stops along the way to a minimum.

Before this roadtrip I had no real idea what to expect as I never really visited the blackforest. But honestly: the roads are great, the drive was awesome. But the views and sensations can’t be compared to the alps. As you are mostly below the tree line, the really nice views are a bit rare compared to the alps. On the upside there is way less traffic and way less cyclists 😉

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