Project TOSBO – May 2021: some progress

So every time I go to the car shelter to work on project Tosbo I decide what type of work I want to do that day. Interior work, mechanical work, body… You get what I mean. Therefore you won’t see a real strategy in my reassembly process, but doing it like this I keep me motivated to continue and invest quite some hours to do it right. #dontstopuntilyouareproud

First task was to clean and restore as much as possible of the original vinyl and reinstall it. Like the sills, rear boot area, door cards.

Refitting some more stuff under the hood, Inspection light fuel filter and regulator, voltage regulator, wiring loom, fresh air ducts all back in place

Bought a new Bosch “red” coil to go with my 123 dizzy. Sanded it down an painted it black for the more subtle look.

Wrestled the hood torsion bars until I finally got them back in place

Disassembled, media blasted, cleaned, greased, assembled and mounted the wiper linkage

And how about this for a big motivation booster. I took a day off and reassembled all of the subframes, suspension and steering just to have the car back on its wheels. What a full day well spent!

While having the car on the lift I realized the freshly painted and perfectly aligned fenders needed to come back off so I could install the new rubber seal and foam underneath

Another afternoon was spent to mount and align the bumpers

The rear of the car is now almost completely back together. Even the plate is back on. It’s a combination of 1970 and S30 wich gives you 70530 or TOSBO. That’s how this project got its name

Staying with the rear of the car I glued the last pieces of sound deadening, cut an felt insulation mat to match the contour of the trunk mat and fitted both of them. Looks so nice the early style DCW carpet.

After months I finally picked up my S13/14 – 240Z 71C hybrid transmission. A guy from Germany built it for me. And due to the pandemic and being 6+ hours away from me, travelling to pick it up wasn’t that easy this year. But it’s finally with me now.

Way faster was the delivery of my new Fujitsubo header and exhaust. After having fitment issues with the complete exhaust on my other 240Z, I decided to spend the extra cash and buy the Fujistubo for this project.

In the next post we should see some progress on the engine clean-up and assembly. No engine rebuild or optimized engine for now. I need to recover from all the expenses so far before I can build my dream engine for my dream Datsun 😉


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