about me

Just a few inormations on myself
name: bob r
@nick: nomuken
from: luxembourg
year: 1978
cars: toyota corolla ae86 levin, nissan 350z, fiat 128

Here you’ll find some info and pics about my AE:

4AGE16V Bluetop
7AFE block
WISECO 81,5mm pistons
BELFAB conrods
KWL block bored/honed/balanced
Custom wiring loom
T3 ITB Adapter for 16V 4AG
ERISTIC gaskets
Redtop Injectors
HKS 4AGE 1,2 headgasket
TODA valvesprings
SAMCO radiator hoses
OEM cambelt and tensioner
Iridium Sparkplugs
Silicone vacuum hoses
T3 adjustable cam gears
Koyo radiator
Haltech E6X engine management
KWL mapping
SP-Tec 30mm funnels
Pipercross Airbox + Filter
T3 75mm funnels
Pipercross stack filter
TRD 4-1 header
T3 de-cat
T3+Simmons can
HKS legal catback
Innovate A/F Meter
ARP head bolts
Fuel Pressure regulator
SS plug cover plate
Magnecor HT Leads
OEM main/rod bearings & stuff
Sandtler Oil catch can

Lightened 7AFE flywheel
Exedy stage 2 clutch kit
CuscoTransmission Mount
ARP Flywheel bolts
4,7 CWP
Solid Spacer and bearings
All new OEM synchros and bearings

Momo deep dish steering wheel
Short shifter
Oishi long shift knob
Wiechers 6-point rollcage
Bimarco bucket seats
TAKATA 3″ race harness
Very little hifi
Inside of cabin painted black
ProSport oil pressure gauge
ProSport oil temp gauge
Steering Wheel Snap Off

Kouki front grill
Kouki corner lights
Oishi Performance side skirts
Compomotive 8×15″ ET0 wheels
Toyo Proxess T1R 195/45-15
Koenig B.Bomb 7,5×15โ€ et 0 wheels
Toyo Proxess R1R 195/50-15

Greddy Type S coilovers
Prothane Bushings
Cusco strutbar
Cusco panhard bar

ย Brakes:
RX7 FC3S calipers and adapters
Landcruiser brake master cylinder
ATE slotted brake discs
HAWK HP Plus brake pads
Goodrich braided brake lines
ATE Racing Blue brake fluid

I surely forgot some pieces ๐Ÿ™‚


32 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Hi Bob, gr8 job there with the new blog. Hope 2 c the ’86 Corolla on the streets one day.
    Keep it up! (:

    1. Still fiddling with the engine, hope to get it running this weekend. And if it stops snowing it will get mapped on the dyno in 2 weeks.
      After that I’ll change final gear and overhaul the diff

  2. hey man this blog is fantastic… keep the old school stuff coming it is all super appreciated. heres my shit just so you know whos watchin ya — milliondollarextreme.tv

  3. Hay I have a question. I have a 81 corolla and have been working on my suspistion and was wondering if ae86 susp will fit

  4. question about the rims… Did u have to roll your fenders? Whats your offset? would u recommend 15×8 or 14×8? whats a good offset?

    1. My fenders are rolled, this is to be able to use my track tires. My street setup (the compo’s) should work without to much hassle.
      Wheels are 15x8ET0 with 10mm spacers in the back. So it should work without spacers and without any rolling. Would have taken 14×8, problem is they would interfere with my RX-7 brakes in front!

      1. DO they make a 14×8 size rim in those ML? i only see 14×6 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        In 15×8 with offset selection is from -24 to 12. Why did u go with zero? It does look like the zero offset still has abit of a lip to it in your pic.

        I was thinking of maybe 15×8-15 might work?

      2. No, they don’t do 14×8. Only 15×8 or 13×8.
        Yes, offset could have been -15 in the rear. But havin the same offset all around let me rotate tires (mount the backs in front) to get pretty equal tire wear.

  5. sooo 15×8 -15 all around should work? IM trying to look for negative comp ML photos to get an idea wa they look like. Looks like your 15×8+0 already have a bit of a lip on them.

  6. @monkeymagic86, it was a pleasure for me to meet you at the Circuit in Anneau du Rhin last year and i really like your blog. I now buy this month an silver Evo 5 GSR in Switzerland and would be drive next year in Spa, AdR and Nurburgring. Unfortunately i have the Evo 6 TME Front bumper and now i’m looking for an Evo 5 GSR Front bumper. When you know or hear something, let me know m8. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    p.s.: I was this swiss guy, who talking with you about de Evo 5 and the wrecked blue Evo 6 @ Speed Industries Trackday in Anneau du Rhin.

    I hope we see us in the Trackdays.

  7. Hey bob. I have stumbled upon your blog while i was searching for Corollas ke25. I just saw that you have sold yours recently. is it still available by any chance? if not could you give me advice on where i could get my hands on one. Since it seems to be a little bit hard to get one in europe. i would apriciate your help. Hope to hear from you. So long steve

    1. Hey steve.
      Yes europe isn’t an easy olace to find these tyoe of cars. From time to time there aรถis one for sale in the netherlands (you can use sites as : marktplaats or autoscout24)
      And there are ke25’s way more and way more often in portugal (use these sites olx.pt or custojusto)

      1. Hello Bob, thanks for your help. Since youre the only person i could think of to answer my questions. i have to suck a little more sweet time out of you. Could you recommend a ke25 as a daily driver for someone whos has no idea about mechanics. im afraid of reliability, driving in winter month and also driving on autobahns with such small engine.
        Are there affordable ways to upgrade the engine? maybe swap it completly?
        Also i have no option to go see the vehicle before i buy it in portugal. how risky would that be ?
        Sorry for bothering you with my stupid questions. so long steve

  8. Hi Bob,

    I saw your post on a forum regarding Volk Racing 84C rims with the turbo fans. I drive a red AE86 as well and was planning to source and fit these rims as well, only with the turbofans mounted on the front rims. So, I was very surprised to read you did the exact same thing..

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures with the turbo-fans mounted only on the front.
    Could you do me a huge favor and provide one? It would make me able to decide to go this way or not.

    Long shot but… you posted a few years ago you were selling them. Do you still have em?

    Kind regards


  9. Great blog! Question regarding your FC brake upgrade. For the Land Cruiser BMC, what did you do with the connector (ABS?) and were you able to reuse the AE86’s BMC cap (as it has the low fluid sensor).

    What size is the Land Cruiser BMC? 1″? Did you add an adjustable brake proportioning valve?


      1. Good to know, thanks. The 1″ Landcruiser BMC looks like has one of the line fittings facing driver strut tower, did you find enough clearance to bend the existing line to fit? Or had to fab a new line and flare?

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