by monkeymagic

fairlady z33

In 2003 when the 350Z was announced in Europe, I knew I would have to get myself one of these on the day they were launched. And that’s exactly what happened, pre-ordered one without having driven one ever! So yes, I have a soft spot for these 350Z’s.

Over the years I owned 3 of them, had to sell the first one due to some changes in life, the second one hit a tree at 90km/h (60MPH), and the third one was sold to buy the Miata and to raise funds for my hachi. Every time I see nice examples like this, I ask myself if it was the right decision?

by monkeymagic

rad proposal !

As seen on coldtrackdays:

“It was actually during one of these ride-alongs that a marriage proposal happened.  The staff of the event helped plan things out in advance for Brian Vrchoticky to do a ride along with his girlfriend, and then stop, get out of the car to ‘show her something wrong’ and then propose. ”

I hope she accepted your proposal Brian, an wish you all the best 😉

BTW, did some research, found his blog. Proposal is even captured by vid: