by monkeymagic

garage slipway carina

Sorry for the lack of updates. I guess im spending to much time building the wiring loom for my engine. Waiting on 3 important packages in order to get my 16V build going and none does arrive. Makes me a bit sad.

But that’s not your problem, right?

So enjoy this very very nice Toyota Carina, rocking an 3TGTE engine, multiple sets of oldschool rims,… And the best of all, it isn’t hardparked or such, it’s build to be beaten on the tracks. Thats the way to get some fun out of it!!!

by monkeymagic

jdm garage australia

JDM Garage is a small company located in Brisbane Australia. They mainly supply high quality new and used parts for performance Japanese cars.

So enough advertising, I wanted to show you 2 cars the’ve built. Both purple, both stunning, both on Nissan engines.

Brett’s AE86 sits on Longchamps XR4’s, they were custom made to attain a width of 9.5″ !!! Under the hood the SR20det is fed by a HKS turbine. The engine is equipped with Sard 850cc injectors, HKS 256/264 cams, Tomei gears and rocker stoppers, Greddy intercooler,… All that stuff is managed my an Apexi Power FC.



 The second JDM Garage car is a R34 GTS 2 door. It rolls on nicely polished and flush sitting Work Equips.

Engine wise it rocks an RB25det with a Greddy T67 turbine, PWR intercooler, … Some other goodies are a Cusco roll cage, custom leather Bride’s, Nismo diff and JIC suspension.