Toyota MR2 Mk1a AW11…my midship runabout

Say hello to my newest purchase, say hello to project “SuperMario”. It’s a 1986 MR2 Mk1a or AW11. Imported from the US in 1992 to Sweden, 20+years later to Germany and it now lives with me in Luxembourg 🙂

As it hasn’t seen any snow, ice and salt (yes, it’s winter here!) since many many years, I picked it up with my neighbor’s tow truck. Thanks Yann!


by monkeymagic


I killed my back yesterday, so today I’m at home. Recovering, taking some drugs the doc gave me and cleaning up the laptop. While doing this I came across some MR-2 AW11 pics and thought by myself I would share some of the cooler ones. I’ve always had a thing or two for these cars. Almost bought a white one years ago when I still was a student. Can’t even remember why I didn’t.