ft86 picdump

Here is a huge GT86/BRZ picdump as it’s still snowing, freezing,… outside an I can’t put the new summer shoes on my GT86

toyobaru @ sema

Sorry @ll fir the lack of updates. Huge familiar setback! Some ZN6’s while you wait on more new posts. Props to Apex Motorsports for snapping these pix and sharing them with all of us on club FT86!


personal BRZ encounter

This last saturday I was at a hillrace here in Luxembourg where several mates were participating. But more of this later.
When we were walking to our viewing point I spotted something blue, something new. Subaru Luxembourg had decided to show off the new BRZ. What a great coincidence! I have to say, I really like it, it is way more compact than thought. Quite a cool package, nice interior, … We spoke to the official Subaru guy and got some information and the opportunity to take a seat. With my 6ft 4 (190cm) it’s on the edge, I can fit, but it’s a bit like my MX5 NC, quite compact.

Sales will start shortly, but there will only be 12, yes, twelve, cars that will be delivered for the next 12 months 😮

Nevertheless, here are some quick pics I was able to snap: