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what car nut are you?

I was just surfing Q from QRgarage’s blog and I found this quote from senior OG Moto Miwa from club4ag. I thought it was worth sharing! BTW Q, if you’re reading this, I like your page a lot!

There are different types of enthusiasts.

Equipment Masturbater: Those who have the cash to build stuff, never works on his own cars and pays shops to do everything from oil changes to fabrications. Shallow in knowlege and sole purpose of the car is to “have it all” and chase trends on internet about what’s new and cool. He believes in everything ads says and really is sensitive to criticisms. Never drives at track events, but shows up once in a while to take photos with cars and people that race to “belong” and associate with them for facebook profile sake. Sometimes thier cars are awesome, but with hints of things that don’t belong… 300hp S2000 engine AE86 with carbon everything, roll cage, and super rare wheels, built with best shop resources, but also has a 12 sub box and AV systems so it can play GT5 on Playstation 3 on board with 7″ LCD and navigation so he can tell where on Willow Springs Raceway he is, so he won’t get lost in the 9 corners there are in the track.
*BTW, these are the guys I really don’t like! sorry*mm86

Hard Racers: Those who have a normal job and life, but spends ALL his money on cars and driving. Canyon and Track days are the norm, and car builds are never clean, but always functional. Lots of DIY stuff, and AE86 behaves in very unusual ways but very much tailored to the owner. Laptimes are decent but never fastest on standardized events, and often not meeting all aspects of safety regulations on spec events. Very fond of driving and usually a very knowledgeable guy.

Pro Racers: Cars can vary but some items on the car are forced on there due to sponsor restraints and requirements. Drivers are former “Hard Racers” (above) but decided to take on the life of professional driver. 2 of 1000 of them can actually make a living income from doing so, while 998 of them are even more broke than before becoming a pro. Extremely talented drivers in most cases, but also somewhat cocky about his stats, but generally also great people. Personal cars and pro cars they use for events differ quite a lot, and often the personal cars are better built and catered than their race cars which are the result of sponsor goods and political or regulations-restricted.

Internet Experts: Those who comment endlessly about other people’s cars, stats, and can’t keep themselves from commenting on posts they have nothing to contribute. Often gets into arguments about random things that test the man’s knowledge. Jokes often to others but can’t take jokes from others. Never shows up for races, and at events they never introduce themselves to others they might know. AE86…they don’t have one but will talk your ears off about them if you give them a minute. Ironically, they know most about what’s for sale in classifieds and often lands on the best deals for parts. These types of people comprise bulk of the forums in general about any topic on the web.

Garage Hermits: These guys are rarely on the web, and post very seldom on the forums. However, when they do, its very lengthy and detailed and adds a great deal of assets and facts, data and feedback for a a lot of folks. Often the posts are archived for value. They spend a lot of time in the garage working on ideas and experimenting with things on an ongoing basis. They invent a lot of great ideas and produce a lot of things both simple and high end. They get shafted in the marketplace as they frequently don’t have the legal assistance and resources to protect an idea. And replica products trickle out when enough people notice, and market trends shift for such products… They are great people and are the biggest assets to technical forums as they know a trend from an actual product that is beneficial.

Majority of us are in may ways, all of the above…shifting from one character to another at different stages of life and hobbies. But in the end, if all are getting along, then that makes a happy community of car nuts.

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Got cat?

Got grip?

Got rabbit?

Got spacers?

Got fear of ruining your nice wheels and bodywork on the track?

…sorry for this silly post

Didn’t knew the story behind the Miata parts in the grass. But since i got critics I did some research 🙂

“Steve from MintoFruit was having problems early on with understeer in his Mazda, so to cure the problem it was decided to place his rear 8.5 inch wide Watanabe’s and sticky R888′s on the front. This caused a problem with rubbing and lack of steering lock, so we stripped the front wings and bumper off to cure that problem. It didn’t look very pretty, but worked well!!!! Roll on the next event!!!”  Text stolen from Al’s car stuff (see blogroll)