driftworks phil

Here’s a great quote from Phil, Staff member of Driftworks UK:

Phil: All my buds have MX5’s which are totally awesome on track, but I just couldn’t hack the gayness, so I bought an older, shitter car for 4 times the price of an MX5  makes a lot of sense doesn’t it.”

ans this is what he’s talking about:



Got cat?

Got grip?

Got rabbit?

Got spacers?

Got fear of ruining your nice wheels and bodywork on the track?

…sorry for this silly post

Didn’t knew the story behind the Miata parts in the grass. But since i got critics I did some research 🙂

“Steve from MintoFruit was having problems early on with understeer in his Mazda, so to cure the problem it was decided to place his rear 8.5 inch wide Watanabe’s and sticky R888′s on the front. This caused a problem with rubbing and lack of steering lock, so we stripped the front wings and bumper off to cure that problem. It didn’t look very pretty, but worked well!!!! Roll on the next event!!!”  Text stolen from Al’s car stuff (see blogroll)

Spain has lots of ugly cars

I’m back, Barcelona was awesome. I love this city! But there is something wrong with the spanish car scene! I saw so many ugly modified cars, words can’t describe the amount of bondo and custom frp I saw these days!

So speaking of ugly cars, enjoy this AE86 *lol*

Saw that beast on a for sale ad a few days ago!

rad proposal !

As seen on coldtrackdays:

“It was actually during one of these ride-alongs that a marriage proposal happened.  The staff of the event helped plan things out in advance for Brian Vrchoticky to do a ride along with his girlfriend, and then stop, get out of the car to ‘show her something wrong’ and then propose. ”

I hope she accepted your proposal Brian, an wish you all the best 😉

BTW, did some research, found his blog. Proposal is even captured by vid: http://nackersz33.blogspot.com/2009/09/dd28.html