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Update on my KE25 and GT86

As for the GT86, it’s sold. Got a new daily already, something more practical, a station waon, it isn’t jap though! So I don’t know if I’ll show it here.

As for the KE25, F I N A L L Y the new shoes are on. Took me 11 months from when I put my first order on yahoo japan untill I got them together and mounted. I’m so so happy with the outcome!

They are WEDS Racing Tri 6.5x14ET-5 and 7x14ET-1 wrapped in quite skinny 165/60/14 tires. For a non fender flared KE, I think it looks tits! Needs a tad more low in the front though. Will have my mate Pentti fab me some short strokes 😉

 +DSC_7821 +DSC_7823 +DSC_7829 +DSC_7834

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some corolla history

more specific for the second generation Corollas. I did my best to find pics of some non standard examples to illustrate 😉

Japan’s growing middle class thought the Publica (Toyota’s entry-level car in the early 1960’s) was too boring while the Crown and Corona were too expensive for them. Tatsuo Hasegawa, a Toyota engineer, designed the Corollas’ ideas. It was sized between the Publica (700cc) and Corona (1500cc), looked classy, had modest power, yet was economical and inexpensive.

The Corolla was sold under 2 names – “Corolla” and “Sprinter”. The Corolla was offered as a 4 door sedan, a 2 door sedan and a 2 door van but not as a fastback coupe. The Sprinter (never called a Corolla in Japan, but sharing most parts) was offered only as a fastback coupe.

Corolla means the crown of a flower. This can be found in many old Corolla logos with a C wich is crowned by 3 flowers.


2nd GENERATION (MAY 1970-July 1978) :
Mechanically very similar to the 1st generation, the body received a substantial facelift. The coupe was added to the Corolla range (no longer just as the Sprinter). Likewise, the Sprinter gained 2 and 4 door sedan versions. The differences between the Corolla and the Sprinter were mostly cosmetic. The Corolla and Sprinter both came in multiple grades (eg Standard, Deluxe, Hi-Deluxe, SL, SR).

The 2T-G engine was offered only on the Corolla Levin coupe and the Sprinter Trueno coupe. Effectively, the Levin was the GT grade for the Corolla and the Trueno was the GT grade for the Sprinter. The Levin and Trueno also had minor trim differences. The Levin was never sold as a Sprinter and the Trueno was never sold as a Corolla.

So lets start by the different chassis codes for the second generation Corolla’s
First letter “K” or “T” stands for the engine type that’s used
Second letter “E” is for all Corollas
First number “2” determines the generation. 2nd gen Corollas were built from 1970-1978 with a facelift in September 1971

  • 2 door Limo Corolla KE20 (3K-D ; 3K-B ; 3K-BR) and TE20(1T)/TE21(2T-C)

13x7ET-7 1971 KE 20 2d

toyotafest2010-034_toyotaCorollaTE27Levin toyotafest2010-036_toyotaCorollaE21

they are also called peanuts.

  • 4 door Limo Corolla KE20 (3K-D ; 3K-B ; 3K-BR) and TE20(1T)/TE21(2T-C)

post-2024-1298194864517927530 74 ke20 4d_2 74 ke20 4d_1

  • 2 door Coupe Corolla KE25 (3K-D ; 3K-B ; 3K-BR) and TE25 (1T)

1974-toyota-corolla-sprinter 71 sprinter back

+IMAG0229 73 sprinter back

these are also called Mangos

  • 3 door station wagon Corolla KE26 (3K) and TE26

KE26 3door 74 wagon KE26 3door1

  • Corolla KE26 5 door station wagon (3K) and TE28 (2T-C)

KE26 5door

  • And now for the top model, the 2TC, 2T-G and 2T-GR) equipped Corolla TE27 2 door Coupe that came as Levin/Sprinter Trueno 

LevinTE27-640x426 SprinterTruenoTE27-640x396

  • Trueno and Levin differences based on the TE27 models:


All these came as Zenki and Kouki models. Before and after 1972. There where lots of differences between years, models, trims,… As always with older Toyotas, there is a multitude styles: different grills, headlight trims, hoods, rear lights, emblems,…

And just to show you how many variants Toyota offered there buyers bach in the days. Here are the light and garnish differences just for the TE27 models.


  • Here are all the available engines:
    1166cc, 3K-D
    1166cc, 3K-BR
    1166cc, 3K-B
    1407cc, 1T
    1407cc, 1T-D
    1407cc, 1T-B
    1407cc, 1T-BR
    1588cc, 2T-C
    1588cc, 2T-G
    1588cc, 2T-GR


from Wayne Stephenson’s Corolla Production page; from toyotaoldies (Germany); from Wikipedia, google and different forums