2 pics from cars and coffee this weekend. I love driving this car. And I try to do it as much as possible to find as much weak points as possible. So I know what to change, modify, make better this winter.




hachis at jccs

So, most of you will know what JCCS is, they claim themselves for being the first large scale japanese car show dedicated to oldschool japanese cars. Yeah right, big title, big show. To start I wanted to share some pics of the AE’s I found on  the net.

for all you locals

My buddy and photographing talent Tom asked me to share the news.
As the temperatures begin to drop and the rainy days become more frequent here in western Europe it’s about time to end the hardparker’s season. So you should all show up at Team Oversize’s end of season meeting in September. All infos are on the flyer. Right now I can’t decide if I’ll take the hachi or the mx-5, but I’ll show up that day.