Mazda Miata NA


So so nice. Love the color, the aero,…

by monkeymagic

more miatas

Hi all, the few of you that still find the way to my blog. WordPress sent me my annual blog report this morning, and in 2013 the most popular thread was….tadaaa: https://monkeymagic86.wordpress.com/2010/01/22/mx-5-na-webmining/ Just like in 2012 😉

So I thought to myself, I’ll have to share more Miatas with you freaks, so here it is, the 700th post on this blog, a little gallery to end the year in style, pics come from all over the internet, so enjoy!


by monkeymagic

bye bye miata

I sold my daily this weekend. So no more small little roadster fun for me :-/ This was a bit unexpected, but that’s life. It’s now a girls car. Rims are still in my garage as she didn’t liked them.

Right now, I do think I found my new daily already, let’s see how the outcome will be. Thought about buying a Bimmer or even worse, but I finally decided to stay with the japanese manufacturers. Here in western Europe there are just to much BMW/Audi/VW/… it’s boring!

Now you may all wave good-bye to my Miata.