rays te57v

Saw this on Impulse homepage.

After the great success of the Rays TE37V (V stands for vintage) Rays is about to add another wheel to the V family!

10 spokes, old school sizes. First size to be released 7.5J x 15 ET0. And they are less expensive than the TE37V.

Even they were announced to be in the stores this spring, Nengun has them in their webshop already. Price tag is 220€ for 7.5x15ET0

This new wheel will probably be featured on some vintage cars on Tokyo Auto Salon 2010


brian crower and mcn sports announce 4AGE stroker kit

Brian Crower have been promising us this for a while and its finally available. 1.8l all forged stroker kit for the Toyota 4AGE engines.
BC 83mm Stroke Forged Crankshaft
Forged Rods with ARP2000 Bolts

v for vintage

Some new alloy for the old school rides. RAYS Engineering will produce a vintage series of their legendary TE37 wheel, the TE37V. Specially made for all you old Datsun, Toyota,… lovers. Available in 4×114 and low offsets only giving you a real nice dish. The wheel is forged monoblock and will rougly cost 550$ per wheel. They will be introduced on 2010th tokyo auto salon (TAS) and sales start by the end of April.

PCD: 4×114.3
15×6.5 offset +13
15 × 7.5J offset +6
15 × 8J offset 0
15 × 8.5J offset -5
15 × 9J offset -15
15 × 9.5J offset -20
Lip sizes: 56mm (S-rim), 82mm (L-rim), 94mm (LL-rim)