by monkeymagic

:-O non car related post :-O

any photo geeks out there?

I need a new cam, want something to play around a bit and do some experiments. So not just a point and shoot thing. Right now I’m down to 2 choices, a Sony Nex-3 or a slightly used (1000 clicks) Nikon D60 from a workmate.

The D60 would include 18-55 and 70-300 lenses, 2nd batt, tripod, monopod,… The Nex-3 would be fresh out of the box. Hmmm what to get? Nex-3 would cost me approx. 240 more but would be new and would have 2 years of warranty, D60 is cheaper, has more equipment but is second-hand (I trust the guy who sells it) and has 1 year of warranty left.