Happy 8-6 day


Happy 8-6 day. My 2 ex hachirokus ūüėČ

by monkeymagic

Monkeymagic86 for sale

Sad but true, the day has come to sell my beloved AE86 zenki Levin. It’s not because I don’t want the car anymore, but I want to move on and start another old-school JDM project. No expense was ever spared. Car got so much love time and money in my years of ownership! Where should I start? This car is from 85 and the odometer reads about 220000km. But honestly, I can’t remember which part on the car wasn’t touched since it’s initial build. Complete bodywork was done by a previous owner including nice orange paint inside and out. Engine has had a rebuilt not even 5000km ago, Gearbox was rebuilt (with all new bearings,…) approx. 2000km ago, and this list could go on and on-
If you want to know about this cars history, last owner was Eiwiss from AEU86, and before him it belonged to PatrickK from AEU86 forum. Before him it belonged to a user that goes by the name of Jens on the german Toyota forum. Car is located in Luxembourg (EUROPE)
All in all (car and parts) my hachi cost me about 23000‚ā¨¬†like it is today. Might be more if I could find all the bills ūüėČ
Here is my topic: http://www.aeu86.org/viewtopic/nomukens-humble-ae86-project/t/9153
And here some more from y blog: https://monkeymagic86.wordpress.com/?tag=my+ae86+pumpkin

Some specs on this car:
7AGE 16V bluetop, AE111 ITB’s on T3 adaptor, ported bluetop head, Kelford camshafts, TODA valve springs, Redtop injectors, Walbro fuel pump, T3 pulleys, TecArts inspired catch can setup, Haltech E6X standalone. All this results in a healthy 165-170hp
Koyo radiator, Exedy stage 2 clutch, T3 funnels with big Pipercross filter, 4-1 stainless header, HKS legal catback exhaust, decat, …
Suspension and drivetrain:
LSD rebuilt with T3 plates +-20000km ago, all bushings replaced with PU bushings, Greddy Type S coilovers, T3 RCA, CUSCO panhard, CUSCO strut bar, RX-7 brake setup, Landcruiser brake master, ATE discs, Hawk pads, Goodrich lines,…
Interior :
2 bucket seats, RRS safety harness, Momo steering wheel with snap off, Wiechers 6 point rollcage including X bars at the back and in the doors (removable), oil pressure, oil temperature. The cabin isn’t all stripped out! Door cards, center console and carpet are all there and mounted. I still have the rear bench, rear panels and most of the other interior parts in my garage.
Exterior :
Kouki grill, Kouki sidelights, Oishi side skirts, Compomotive ML 15x8ET0 white wheels with Toyo T1R 195/45/15

I sure forgot quite some parts in that list!

Price wise I want 12500‚ā¨ with all my AE86 relevant parts that I still have in the garage (2 ¬Ĺ engines, gearbox, Cusco LSD, rear lights, OEM seats, OEM steering wheel, front grille, sidelights,‚Ķ bring a van;) )
And because I know that economy and blaaah¬†blaaah¬†blaaah there are a few ways to make this deal cheaper. See the list below. The more parts you don‚Äôt want on the car, the cheaper it gets ūüėČ

AE86 as described: 11000‚ā¨ (without stock of parts)
-650 no Suspension Greddy Type S coilovers
-500 no Compomotive wheels and tires
-360 no RX-7 brakes
-400 no Wiechers roll cage
-300 no bucket seats
-40 no safety harness
-150 no stainless header
-70 no Momo steering wheel
-120 no funky Catchcan
-35 no T3 RCAs
-40 no Cusco strut brace

And please, don’t contact me (yet for any parts) as long as the car itself isn’t sold. Oh, and if it doesn’t sell, it will stay. I’m not in a hurry !

by monkeymagic

RX7 AE86 brake setup

So I get asked quite often how I realised my front brake conversion on the AE86. So here are some details:

First of all you need someone who sells the caliper adapters. You can find some @ AJPS in Australia. As shipping would have killed me, I decided to search something mor local. I luckily found a guy in Austria who machined the at that time.

Then you need some nice, good working RX7 FC or FD caliper. They are all over ebay.

Then brake discs, you can either get some EG Civic discs (262x21mm) or get some Mini Cooper S (279x22mm) discs like me and re-drill them to the needed diameter. Following pic shows the Mini Copper disc next to a AE86 disc => yes it will improve your braking!


Here are all the needed parts for the next step


Put everything together and go testing if your wheels still fit. You’ll most probably need 15″ wheels.


If you got everything back together, fill up brake fluid, bleed,… Go take your car out for a spin. Realise your pedal feel is really awkward now. Return to the garage and do some internet research.
I quickly found out that this setup doesn’t work that great with the standard AE86¬†brake master cylinder. But Toyota is a bit like Lego, found some info about the Landcruiser brake master cylinder. It’s bigger in diameter, so it can handle more brake fluid when pressing the pedal.
Sourced that brake master cylinder, realised it costs a fortune @ Toyota (over 500 bucks). Sourced another one somewhere on the internet for a bit more than half that price, ordered, mounted (your brake lines need some slight rerouting, but no cutting or such, just bending). I was so happy with my new brake feel and performance now! Some pics of the brake master so you know what you are looking for (only if your AE86 is equipped with a 2 screw brake master like mine was)


If you want to re-establish¬†a bit more front/rear brake balance, do some internet research and get yourself the most aggressive rear brake pads that you can find. It will work a charm. No need for upgraded rear calipers,…

Hope this helped a bit!

by monkeymagic

gt86 vs ae86

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot my AE86¬†together with a GT86. It was the first time I actually saw a GT86 as they aren’t sold yet in my region. Both cars share absolutely nothing in the “looks department ” apart from the interior clock design.
I think the GT86¬†is actually a quite cool car, but it gets a bit too much¬†internet hype. In my humble opinion it’s really like a Miata NC in coupe form and with “+2” rear seats to put your coat, backpack, whatever on. Passengers would¬†have to be rather small to fit in there. Just like the NC Miata it’s sort of light, it’s quite stiff and has a good suspension and steering to start. I’m not disappointed in any way, but I have to say that I expected it to be just that little better.