How about some GC8s?

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personal BRZ encounter

This last saturday I was at a hillrace here in Luxembourg where several mates were participating. But more of this later.
When we were walking to our viewing point I spotted something blue, something new. Subaru Luxembourg had decided to show off the new BRZ. What a great coincidence! I have to say, I really like it, it is way more compact than thought. Quite a cool package, nice interior, … We spoke to the official Subaru guy and got some information and the opportunity to take a seat. With my 6ft 4 (190cm) it’s on the edge, I can fit, but it’s a bit like my MX5 NC, quite compact.

Sales will start shortly, but there will only be 12, yes, twelve, cars that will be delivered for the next 12 months 😮

Nevertheless, here are some quick pics I was able to snap: